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The Bakewells place the rights of its clients at the forefront of our philosophy of care.

We seek to advance and promote these rights in all aspects of the service we provide and to encourage our residents to exercise their rights to the full.

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It is recognised that life in a communal setting and the need to accept help with some personal tasks reduce the resident’s ability to enjoy the pleasure of being alone and undisturbed. The Bakewells therefore strive to respect a resident’s privacy in the following ways:

  • Being as discreet as possible when providing personal assistance
  • Allowing residents to equip and furnish their rooms with their own belonging and furniture if they so wish to and allowing them to use them as much as they wish for leisure, meals and entertaining.
  • Offering a range of locations around the home to be alone or with selected others.
  • Providing locks on resident’s rooms and personal storage space thus allowing them to be alone and store personal possessions if they so wish.
  • Facilitating complete privacy when using the telephone, opening and reading mail and when talking with friends, relatives and advisors.
  • Ensuring confidentiality of information the home holds about residents.


The Bakewells try to preserve the dignity of resident in the following ways:

  • Treating each resident as a valued individual.
  • Helping residents to present themselves as they would wish to be presented through choosing their own clothing and personal appearance.
  • Offering a range of activities that is fulfilling to all residents and allows them to express themselves as unique and individual.
  • Compensating for the effects of disabilities that residents may experience.


It is understood that some independence is sacrificed when moving into a communal setting. The Bakewells attempts to minimise this by having as little routine as possible. Personal independence will be encouraged as much as possible in the following ways:

  • Providing as tactfully as possible assistance as and when needed.
  • Maximising the abilities of our residents to self-care, for interaction with others and for carrying out tasks of daily living as long as practicable and safe.
  • Retaining, encouraging and promoting contacts beyond the home.
  • Encouraging residents to contribute and formulate the records of their own care needs.


Many residents may seek care at the Bakewells as an escape from elements in their previous living environment that threatened their safety or caused them fear. We therefore aim to provide a secure and safe environment and a structure of support that responds to their individual needs as follows:

  • Offering assistance with tasks and activities that would otherwise be perilous for residents.
  • Minimising and avoiding, as far as possible, the risk of falling.
  • Protecting residents from all forms of abuse and from all possible abusers.
  • Providing a clear, precise complaints procedure.
  • By creating an atmosphere which residents experience as open, positive and inclusive for all.

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Civil Rights

The Bakewells will work to maintain our residents place in society as fully participating and benefitting citizens in the following ways:

  • Ensuring residents have the opportunity to vote and by ensuring they have the necessary information to brief themselves on their democratic option.
  • Ensuring residents full and equal access to all elements of both Social and National Health Services including treatment and benefits.
  • Assisting residents with access to public services such as public libraries.
  • Facilitating residents’ contributions to society through helping each other and taking on roles of responsibility within the home.


We aim to allow residents to exercise the opportunity of choice in all aspects of their lives in the following ways:

  • Providing meals, which will enable residents, as far as possible, to decide for themselves what they wish to eat and where and with whom they wish to eat it with.
  • Offering residents a wide range of leisure activities and outings to choose from.
  • Maintaining maximum flexibility by having as little routine as possible within the home (with the exception of meal times).
  • Avoid treating residents as a group rather than individuals.


We will help residents to realise personal aspirations in all aspects of their lives. We will seek to assist in the following ways:

  • By learning about their individual histories and characteristics.
  • Providing a range of leisure and recreational activities to suit tastes and abilities of all residents to stimulate participation.
  • Responding appropriately to the personal, intellectual, artistic and spiritual values and needs of every resident.
  • Respecting residents’ religious, ethnic and cultural diversity.
  • Assisting residents to maintain existing contacts and to make new liaisons, friendships and personal or sexual relationships if they so wish.

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Choice of Home

At the Bakewells we recognise that every prospective resident should have the opportunity to choose a home which suits them and their needs and abilities. To facilitate this choice and to ensure that our residents know about services we offer we undertake to do the following:

  • Provide detailed information on the home by publishing a Statement of Purpose and Service User Guide.
  • Provide each resident with a contract.
  • Ensure that each prospective resident has their needs assessed before a decision about admission is taken.
  • Offer trial visits to prospective residents.

Health & Personal Care

In pursuit of providing the best possible care, the Bakewells will:

  • Produce with each resident and their families, regularly review, update and implement, a service user care plan based on an initial and continuing assessment.
  • Arrange the appropriate professionals from our Health and Social Services colleagues to meet the personal health and care need of each resident.
  • Establish detailed procedures for the administration of medicines to residents.
  • Safeguard residents’ privacy, dignity and choice in all aspects of the delivery of health and personal care.
  • Care with dignity and respect residents who are dying and sensitively assist them and their relatives at the time of passing, as they require.

Daily Life & Social Activities

Some residents may need care and help with many aspects of daily living. To respond to individual needs, The Bakewells will:

  • Aim to provide an environment, which satisfies individual social, cultural, religious and recreational interests and needs.
  • Help resident to exercise choice and control over their lives.
  • Provide meals which provide a balance and nutritional diet offering choice in pleasant surroundings and at times convenient to residents.
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